Our Story


Aaron and I met in early 2011 at Incahoots in Fullerton, California. For those of you who don't know, Incahoots is a Country Nightclub and Bar. We met on a Wednesday, which happens to be 18 and over night. At the time we met Aaron was 25 and I was 19. After first meeting we went on a date to a local frozen yogurt shop, which would later become one of our favorite night time rituals. After a few dates I decided Aaron wasn't the one and stopped talking to him. I even went as far as deleting him on Facebook and avoiding him at Incahoots (Opps!). 

Fast forward to late 2012 Aaron and I were reintroduced at none other than Incahoots. Since I wasn't 21 yet, I would ask older friends to get me water after dancing, since it wasn't free if you were under 21. This particular night I asked Ridge, and he said that “he would get me water if I said hi to Aaron”. I was very so parched from dancing that I decided it was worth it to say hi to him to get the free water. From that day we began hanging out more and more at different line dancing venues and lots and lots of country concerts. We do not get out as much as we used to but Incahoots, country concerts, and country music will always hold a special place in our hearts. 



This story begins in May of 2016 while I was delivering a piece of furniture to a longtime client, who is also a custom jeweler who had created pieces for me in the past. We had a chat that day and I told her that it was getting to that time that I should be looking into getting an engagement ring. 

A few months go by and I get a call. The jeweler has just come across the deal of a lifetime and she thought of me first.  We talked and go over the ring and pricing, but at first I dismissed it because it was more than I wanted to spend on a ring.


While on a furniture delivery in Upland, California I texted her “I know curiosity kills the cat, but can you send me a photo of this beauty?”  She does and it is so shiny that it doesn’t even focus in the video.  For about half of one second, I thought about selling the boat to pay for this ring. (We all know that wouldn’t happen).  A few days go by and with a lot of thought and I realized that this is a once in a lifetime purchase, and the ring would be worn by Taylor for the next 50 years. That was when I knew $hit was getting real and had to go ask her dad for permission to propose to his daughter. (No reason to buy a ring if I’m not allowed to put it on her finger, Right?) 


From the second I saw the ring, I had the engagement video thought up in my head. This was one of those rings that would make EVERYONE’S jaw drop to the floor and I knew I had to capture that reaction.  Once I picked up the ring, I contacted Bryant and told him my ideas for the video.  He was on board and wanted to help make this as special as possible.  The ring was initially purchased with the talks of going to Fiji, but had not been set in stone yet.   


While the ring sits patiently in the safe at home, hidden in plain view of Taylor, the video ideas start coming together.  By December Bryant and I had started the video knowing we left in February for Fiji.  Filming and driving around seemed to be a weekend chore.  The final piece of the puzzle was still up in the air, How do I film the actual proposal?  Finally in mid-January, Bryant decided to join us in our trip to Fiji and it was at that time I knew how amazing this video was going to end up.  


 We had discussed at home the proposal being under a waterfall in Fiji. But the problem was that there were 3 different waterfalls to choose from on this one hike.  Walking up to waterfall one, (from THE photos) we knew that was an amazing surrounding, but had to many people around.  We discuss this while Taylor is practically running up the sides of the mountains, while Bryant and I are starving for air.  (It was planned that way).  We reached water fall two and it was not an ideal location. Waterfall three was still another hour hike away and Bryant and I talk and just decide to go back to the first one and we will make this happen.  We show up at the waterfall and the 20 people swimming just hours before we gone and we walked into a completely private waterfall… and we can say the rest is history.  

PS. Please don't mind the hideous burn on my Middle Finger. I was making dinner for Aaron and Bryant and burned it (Whoops)

Love is meant to be an adventure.